Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 08:19 WIB

The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape, A Five-Star Camping Site in Lake Toba

The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape, A Five-Star Camping Site in Lake Toba (kemenpar)

TOBA SAMOSIR, NETRALNEWS.COM - Lake Toba tourist destination in North Sumatra, as one of the top 10 priority tourism destinations in Indonesia, has developed new amenities and attractions for tourists with the headline The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape.

Indonesia Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya when launching The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape in Sibisa, Ajibata District, Toba Samosir District, North Sumatra, said the concept of nomadic tourism is a temporary solution today. This is because the concept of nomadic tourism is a cheap, easy and fast solution. As well as solutions that are friendly, sustainable, and friendly to contemporary wanderers or special interest tourists.

"This nomadic solution is the answer to accelerate the development of 10 New Bali sites. "The development has been kicked off in Borobudur, Bajo, and now in Toba," said Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya.

The The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape, said Arief Yahya, is a nomadic tourism pilot project which is expected to be a barometer for the development of nomadic tourism in the region.

The facilities at The Kaldera include15 Bell Tents, 2 Cabin, 2 Bubble Tents, and a parking area for Campervan / Caravan. Other facilities at The Kaldera are Ampiteathre Caldera, with a capacity of 250 people, Kaldera Plaza, Kaldera Stage, to Kaldera Hil.

For the concept of nomadic access, tourists can also enjoy Helitour around Toba Geopark and other destinations. Tourists can also enjoy the hub for an overland tour around Lake Toba, a geopark tour, and a coffee trail tour.

"The main segments of tourists are nomads, millennials, and families. In addition to domestic tourists, foreign tourists who are targeted are foreign tourists from Malaysia, Singapore and Europe, "he said.

While in terms of location, The Kaldera is very strategically positioned or only 20 minutes from Parapat, and about 1 hour 30 minutes from Balige. The Kaldera is also about 2 hours drive from Silangit Airport, and only 10 minutes from Sibisa Airport.

"This is very easy to achieve, especially AirAsia's low-cost airlines will also fly directly from Kuala Lumpur to Silangit. With tickets from IDR 200,000, tourists from Malaysia can visit Lake Toba," Arief Yahya said in a press release on Friday (05/4/2019).