Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 07:38 WIB

Media Plays Important Role in Reviving Tourism in Banten

Tanjung Lesung mulai bangkit pasca tsunami.

TANJUNG LESUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - The status of post-disaster areas such as Tanjung Lesung, Banten, which was affected by the Sunda Strait tsunami, has a major influence on tourist visits, especially foreign tourists. In this case, Media is expected to play a role in spreading the news that Tanjung Lesung and the Sunda Strait are safe to visit.

"The biggest influence in disasters is the status of the area. For example, the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali. Bali was able to recover its tourism sector after the danger status was revoked. When the danger status was still there, China issued a travel warning, finally no foreign tourists came to Bali, "said Indonesia Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya duruing a Press Conference on Tourism Friendly Journalism, in Tanjung Lesung SEZ, Banten on Tuesday (2/4/2019).

As a result of the travel warning, Bali lost around IDR 1.5 trillion. After the danger status was revoked, in April 2018 the Bali tourism sector was declared normal again.

"If the danger status is set in Banten, is it possible for tourists, especially foreign tourists to come here? Of course there are no tourists to come. In the Sunda Strait, the status is now vigilant but only a 2 km radius from Krakatau. Other areas are safe to visit. establish the status of danger. The role of the media is also very important and is needed to convey information about the Sunda Strait safely, "he said.

Ariey Yahya added that since the Sunda Strait tsunami disaster, hotel occupancy in Banten including Anyer which was not affected was low. The average hotel occupancy in Banten, including Tanjung Lesung, only reached 10-30%.