Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 13:39 WIB

Why Singaporeans Love to Play Golf in Indonesia

Why Singaporeans Love to Play Golf in Indonesia (kemenpar)

SINGAPURA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The two advantages of golf tourism in Indonesia are natural beauty and professional services offered to Asian golfers and are expected to attract those who attend the Singapore Travel Holdings (SPH) 2019 Golf Travel Fair to try golf in Indonesia.

Indonesia has been regarded as a paradise for golfersto graze. The natural beauty and friendliness of golf business players in the country is a lure for foreign golfers to come and play in Indonesia.

So to make Indonesia as the main destination for golfers, it needs a good synergy between the government and business actors. Because the great potential of the one tourism tourism sector can become a foreign exchange for Indonesia.

Head of Florida Pardosi Area III Regional I Development when SPH Golf Travel Fair 2019 in Takashimaya, Singapore, Friday (03/22/2019) said the Ministry of Tourism continued to encourage foreign tourists visiting one of them through golf tours.

"Golf is now no longer just a sport, but has become a very potential tourism activity. Not only Batam and Bintan, in various regions in Indonesia, its strategic location, and has several fields with international standards," Florida Pardosi said.

On the same occasion, one of the owners of the Golf Tour Operator, namely Marc Travel Services Jakarta, Steve Bligh, explained the great potential for Indonesia to bring in foreign golfers. Apart from the good field, the view is beautiful, the service is also the best compared to other countries.

"In Singapore alone, there are approximately 80 thousand golfers, we can sell not only Batam or Bintan. On the island of Java there are many golf courses with good service and quality field. Starting from Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung to Surabaya, "said Steve, in a press release on Saturday (03/23/2019).

Steve also said that the company led by Marc Travel Services Jakarta had won the Indonesian version of the Wolrd Golf Award 2017 Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator. The World Golf Award itself is the highest award for golf business actors issued by institutions under the Wolrd Travel Award.

"This is a benchmark and reference for foreign golfers to come play in a country and Indonesia has been famous for its services ranging from golfers getting out of the car to playing accompanied by professional caddies," he said.

For the level of expenditure, continued Steve, the average package / per person can reach IDR 8 million to IDR 10 million. And that number is outside shopping, eating, until the tips they spend. The average expenditure of golfers in Indonesia can reach IDR 15 million for one golfer.

Steve also markets several package offers for 4 days and 3 nights in several areas ranging from Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, to Surabaya. The price ranges from 400-600 Singapore dollars for a full board package, excluding airline tickets, caddy tips, and other expenses.

"Our company records, in 2018 approximately 1,500 golfers visited with an average spending of Rp. 15 million for 4 days and 3 nights," he said.

This was also confirmed by the Marketing Manager of Rainbow Hills Golf Club Savitri. He said, in Rainbow Hills as many as 65 percent of golfers who play it are foreign tourists. They mostly come from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, America and Europe.