Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 03:25 WIB

Nias Set to Host the 2019 Sail Indonesia Event

Nias Set to Host the 2019 Sail Indonesia Event (traverseid)

JAKARTA, NNC - The Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs through the Deputy for Human Resources, Science and Technology and Maritime Culture held a Group Discussion (FGD) at the South Nias Regent Hall, Tuesday (11/20/2018).

This discussion was in order to discuss the preparation of Nias, North Sumatra as the annual candidate for the host event, Sail Indonesia in 2019. This was stated by Assistant Deputy for Maritime Culture, Arts and Sports, Kemenko Maritm Kosmas Harefa

The appointment of Nias as the host candidate for Sail Indonesia is because it has a unique tradition. For example, in South Nias Regency, the attractions at the Ya'ahowu Nias Festival 2018 which took place on 16-20 November 2018 were able to attract the attention of tourists, both local and foreign.

"We have seen the cultural attractions in Bawomataluo Village. Exceptional cultural attractions displayed by the Bawomataluo community. We must encourage this as a tourist attraction that can be fascinating, and we must encourage it so that it can be properly packaged, "he said in his written statement.

In addition, it is hoped that there will be cooperation and synergy between ministries, such as the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) and the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) in terms of building basic infrastructure. So that related sectors, especially the tourism sector in Nias can be lifted to the surface.

The appointment of Nias as the host of the upcoming Sail Indonesia 2019 organizer received appreciation from the Chairperson of South Nias Regency DPRD, Sidi Adil Harita.

He said, his party was ready to carry out what would be the responsibility of the Nias Islands community in this Sail Indonesia in Nias.

"We are ready to carry out what will be the responsibility of the Nias island community in Sail Indonesia on Nias," he said.

Meanwhile, South Nias District Head Hilarius Duha hoped that Sail Nias could be bigger than the Nias Pro surfing event which had been held several times in the Nias Islands.

For this reason, he requested support and cooperation from all stakeholders.