Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 03:42 WIB

Tanjung Kelayang Festival Helps Promote Tourism in Belitung

Tanjung Kelayang Festival Helps Promote Tourism in Belitung (kemenpar)

BELITUNG,NNC - Organizing tourism events, aside from being an effective promotional tool for every region, is very good for developing and improving human resources (HR) to serve tourists visiting to their area.

Sahani Saleh, Regent of Belitung, said that the annual event which entered its second year of operation was entered in the domestic packaging stage. And this event, which takes place from 15-19 November 2018, will lead to the rise of the class to the international level.

"The main target of this event is local area, which will then be followed up with evaluation of community concerns, especially for marine tourists," said Sahani after the opening of the Tanjung Kelayang Festival event, in Tanjung Kelayang, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency.

Sahani said tourism is currently the mainstay sector of Belitung Regency. With tourism, many investors are now tourism business in the area, starting from hotels and restaurants.

"By making Tourism the leading sector, the growth of the Regional Budget Revenue (PAD) of Belitung Regency has almost reached 70 percent. This growth can be seen from hotels and restaurants that continue to grow, while the mining sector is beginning to erode," he said on Saturday (11/17).

On the other hand, the tourism sector is also able to change people's way of thinking to better things, such as being aware of preserving nature and the beauty of nature, people have also begun to understand the benefits and impacts that continue to grow and are able to drive the wheels of their economy.

Meanwhile, Haryoso, Expert Staff of the Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands for the Economy, Finance and Development of Bangka Belitung Province, said that the tourism sector of Bangka Belitung province which has grown rapidly is evidence of the CEO commitment to tourism.

"Now, tourism can become the front runner in Belitung. Its public awareness to build and focus on tourism is also growing. As an indicator, PAD of Bangka Belitung Province is 43 percent of the tourism sector. Even so, the growth of foreign tourists (83 percent) and domestic tourists grew by 11 percent, "said Haryoso.

As a form of commitment to the direction of tourism sector development policies in order to increase the number of tourist visits in the coming year, the Bangka Belitung provincial government is preparing 127 tourism events in the Regency and City with national and international scale.

Another blessing on the commitment to make tourism as a leading sector, now the H.A.S Hanandjoeddin airport has received flights from Singapore to Tanjung Pandan Belitung, regularly four times a week.

"The connectivity of Belitung - Singapore, which only takes 45 minutes, is expected to be able to increase the number of foreign tourist visits and accelerate the realization of Tanjung Kelayang and Belitung to become world-class destinations," Haryoso concluded.