Friday, 19 July 2019 | 04:53 WIB

Indonesia is First Country to Implement Competing Destination Model

Indonesia is First Country to Implement Competing Destination Model (kemenpar)

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesia is listed as the first country in the world to use competing destination model (CDM) technology to attract foreign tourists to the archipelago.

Indonesia Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, as the initiator of CDM usage, has successfully tested digital selling tools to capture foreign tourists from Chinese.

In collaboration with Zamplus Technology Inc., Shanghai Data Exchange Corp, IT companies that have partnered with hundreds of world-class companies from many countries, the Tourism Minister monitored the flow of Looking, Booking, Peyment (LBP) in the CDM technology directly.

"CDM gets bookings for Chinese tourists. Tourists from Chinai who choose to travel to Indonesia are already conducting Looking, Booking, and Payment. I monitored it until it was really concrete. September LBP rose significantly," Arief said during a work visit to Shanghai, China, this week.

VP of Operations and Maintenance Zamplus Technology Inc, Tony Zhou, said Indonesia is a pioneer in the use of CDM technology. "This is the first time, Indonesia is a pioneer, and the first step was success. We are proud to be able to support much more than the services we usually provide. "No country has yet used this technology to the level of selling and monitoring in detail," said Tony Zhou.

Tony Zhou explained, usually Zamplus Technology Inc. clients only ask for impressions, click per view, and ensure that the promotional material is read and accepted until the target audience is targeted.

In addition, what Minister Arief Yahya wants is the certainty of the tourist flow in making the choice of vacation destinations, starting from Looking or Searching (then finding many destination choices) then influencing them to choose Wonderful Indonesia (compared to many similar destinations promoted by many countries) marked by Booking and Payment to Arrival Date or time of arrival in the country.

Arief said that in terms of bookings in China, the payment must be more convincing or there is no order without payment in advance.

"Technologically, I can imagine it. If we can imagine it, then we can certainly make it happen. This is one concrete translation of what I often say, The More Digital, The More Global. The More Digital, The More Personal, and The More Digital The More Professional. Digital technology can reach anything that has been too difficult to reach and is considered unreasonable,," he added.