Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 12:30 WIB

Discover Heaven on the Beach in Karimunjawa

The beauty of Karimunjawa beach (indonesiaexpat)

SEMARANG, NNC - Karimunjawa, which is located on the Java Sea in the Jepara and Semarang regencies, has a million amazing tourist spots. The location offers a blend of beauty and panoramic nature, vast mangrove trees, beaches, art, culture, history, religion and culinary.

When experiencing Tracking Mangrove Karimunjawa in the late afternoon, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting sunset from the viewing post. Another feature is the Bukit Cinta, a must-visit spot with your travel companion.

Tourists can pamper themselves by looking directly at the background of the residents' settlements as well as the schools of fishing and tourist boats, because this place sits at an altitude.

Semarang, which is known as the "City of Spring Rolls", holds allure for travelers. The Old City area depicts colonial buildings, the most desirable areas to take photos are the Blenduk Church, Srigunting Park, Akar House, Semarang Creative Gallery, Marba Building, and many other spots that have finally been recognized as visual imagery of European architecture. Interestingly, there is the colorful Mount Brintik village and Rainbow Village, millennials’ new favorite tourist spot.

To attract more tourists to explore Semarang and Karimunjawa, Wings Air (IW flight code) which is a member of Lion Air Group starting October 12, 2018 will launch the first route to a new destination, Karimunjawa from Semarang. This network places Wings Air as the only airline that connects the areas regularly.

Strategic Corporate Communications of Wings Air, Danang Mandala said, now Wings Air offers the best departure time (schedule time departure/STD) departing from Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang, Central Java (SRG) on 11.20 GMT numbered IW-1916. The aircraft is scheduled to arrive at Dewadaru Karimunjawa Airport, Jepara Regency, Central Java (KWB) at 11.50 GMT.

"For the return route, Wings Air will take off from Karimunjawa at 12.10 GMT with the IW-1915 number then expected to land in Semarang at 12.40 GMT. For this latest service, Wings Air presents a one-time frequency round trip," Danand said in his press release, Tuesday (10/10/2018).