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The Beauty of Widi Islands is on Par with the Maldives

The Beauty of Widi Islands is on Par with the Maldives (ksmtour)

JAKARTA, NNC - White sands covered with sparkling water and underwater beauty that can be enjoyed by the naked eye are all that you can get when traveling to Widi Islands. Perhaps you are wondering. Where is Widi Islands located?

Fly towards South Halmahera Regency, North Maluku. Then you can see the beauty of an island that has been described in the previous paragraph. Thus, Widi Islands are often dubbed as the the Maldives of Indonesia.

There are at least 99 islands that make up Widi Islands, including three atolls and two island clusters. Among the islands, only one island is inhabited, namely Daga Island. The occupants are few, about 11 families only. Their livelihood is looking for seafood. It's no secret that the archipelago on the north side of Maluku is a granary for abundant fish.

The people living at Daga Island They live in wooden-shaped houses around the pier. The local and foreign tourists traveling to Daga Island can spend the night in the homes of residents. Please bring enough supplies before you leave. The reason, there is no infrastructure development there, let alone hotels.

To get there, there are at least three alternatives. First, you depart from Ternate by boat at Port Bastiong towards Saketa Island. The journey will take five hours.

Upon arrival at Saketa Island, you can get a ride from residents by motorbike to East Gane Sub-district, driving for three hours. The journey continues using the fast boat destination Daga Island. After two hours at sea, you will arrive at Widi Island.

The second way, you can ride aboard the Ternate-Babang route. From New Market Babang, continue with speedboat to Gane Dalam. Take a boat to Widi Island.

While the last, take a fast boat from Kota Baru to Sofifi for 45 minutes. Travel overland to Matuting and rent a fishing boat. You will arrive at arrive at Widi Islands in about four hours.

It's a time-consuming and energy-consuming journey. However, you will not regret it after watching the scenes that spoil the eyes.

Hence, your tiredness will pay off. Luckily, the tourism sector in these islands have begun to be developed. In 2016, seven development concepts were declared. Airports and ports are the first facilities to be built.