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Here are the Five Types of Dishes that Use Snake Meat

Here are the Five Types of Dishes that Use Snake Meat (flickr)

JAKARTA, NNC - Most people do not usually eat snakes, as these reptiles are not commonly consumed by the public in general. However, due to the belief that snake meat contains certain properties, many people have started eating snake meat.

For example, snake meat is believed to strengthen sexual arousal, cure cancer, treat impotence, as well as being a source of nutrition for a healthy body.

There are now several dishes that use snake meat as their main ingredient. Interested in tasting them?

1. Fried Snake

A restaurant in Shanghai, China, serves a variety of snake dishes. One of them is a fried snake. This menu is a piece of snake meat wrapped in flour dough, then deep-fried like KFC fried chicken. Fried snake has a fragrant aroma, delicious flavor and chewy texture liked by many customers.

2. Snake Wine

Snake wine is an alcoholic beverage, which is produced by immersing the body of a snake into a rice or wheat wine. This drink is reportedly first consumed in China, during the Western Zhou Dynasty, and is considered a drink that can increase the vitality of men.

3. Snake Meat Skewers or Satay

Cobra snake skewers or satay is an extreme dish that can be found by tourists in several Asian countries, especially Indonesia. The snake meat is cut into small pieces, then stabbed with a skewer and flavored with spices, then baked or grilled on fire until cooked. Skewered snake meat are served on plate and doused with sweet soy sauce. One of the many areas that offer this menu is in Pasar Lama-Tangerang and Mangga Besar area-West Jakarta.

4. Snake Blood

In addition to being made into alcoholic drinks, snake blood can also be directly consumed, especially the blood of cobras. This menu became one of the exotic menu that are marketed to fans of snake meat. In addition to Indonesia, the people of Vietnam and Thailand are also consume this menu.

5. Snake Soup

Snake meat can also be processed into soup. Several diners in Hong Kong offer snake meat in the form of processed hot soups, like chicken soup. Skinned snake meat is prepared and cut, then boiled until cooked. The soup is then seasoned, and given additional pieces of mushrooms, ginger, and other spices.