Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:41 WIB

Neymar Still Undecided Whether to Stay in Barca or Move to PSG


MIAMI, NETRALNEWS.COM – Barcelona's strong defender Gerard Pique said his teammate, Neymar is currently confused. The reason is Neymar must choose to stay with Barcelona or move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Neymar performed well in pre-season by scoring three goals from two matches wherein Barcelona faced Juventus and Manchester United. However, Neymar has yet to speak up about his future at Camp Nou.

Pique said that Neymar is currently hesitant to make choice in his career.

"Neymar and I are very close and I certainly want him to survive even though I know the situation he is facing right now."

"Currently Neymar himself does not know what to do and I try to help him get the right decision," said Pique as quoted by ESPNFC.

Neymar will be the most expensive player in the world if he chooses to leave Barcelona to join PSG. The French giant was rumored to be ready to pay a clause of release worth EUR220 million plus the lure of a salary per year of EUR30 million without tax deduction.

"It all depends on the priorities Neymar wants, does he want more money or more championship titles?" Pique said.

"So sometimes a player has to make decisions in his career and depending on which priority he puts first," Pique said. (*)