Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 12:26 WIB

Mercedes Wary of Ferrari’s Speed Ahead of China F1 Grand Prix

F1 Mercedes-AMG team chiefToto Wolff (autoweek)

LONDON, NETRALNEWS.COM - The head of the F1 Mercedes-AMG team Toto Wolff is wary of the power of the Ferrari engine, which he calls the most powerful among the other challenger car engine packages in this season's Formula 1 race. Wolff's statement came out ahead of the Chinese GP.

Wolff claimed to be surprised at Ferrari's speed when they competed at the Bahrain Grand Prix, after previously "sluggish" in the opening series in Australia.

"The performance on the straight track is amazing. The power they show cannot be matched by others," Wolff was quoted as saying by the official Formula 1 page.

"I think there is a five-ten-second advantage just on the straight track when qualifying. It's very difficult to match. So in my opinion we have to get used to such performance levels and Melbourne is an exception."

SF90 car speed is not solely because of the small drag coefficient, but because the Ferrari power unit embedded in it has abundant power, Wolff said.

Mercedes also realized they had benefited from the misfortune of Ferrari in Bahrain, when the car power unit driven by Charles Leclerc lost power which caused him to lose the opportunity to reach the first podium.

This week, the Shanghai International Circuit will hold Formula 1's third 2019 series, which will be the 1000th world championship race.

Mercedes has won five titles in Shanghai, mostly achieved in the era of the V6 hybrid turbo engine. Meanwhile, Ferrari trailed with four titles there, followed by McLaren (three) and Red Bull (two).

Obviously Ferrari have fixed the problem he found in Melbourne and returned with an unprecedented speed in Bahrain, both in qualifying sessions and races. However, unfortunately the reliability issue whacked the Jingkrak Horse team in the second series race.

Charles Leclerc, who performed brilliantly in Bahrain, will use the same power unit he used in Bahrain. Considering the use of engine components for riders is limited in each season.

The head of the Ferrari team Mattia Binotto revealed that the engine used by the Leclerc in Bahrain lost one engine cylinder.

The team states if the engine failure is caused by a short circuit in the injection control unit.

"I hope the car can perform as good as in Bahrain, so that I can fight to get the results that are appropriate for us," said the 21-year-old Monaco driver.