Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 13:38 WIB

Hazard and Madrid Reportedly to Have Agreed on Transfer Deal

Marca only reported that Hazard will get a six-year contract once this transfer is completed (thetelegraph)

MADRID, NETRALNEWS.COM - Eden Hazard's future is again being speculated. The Chelsea star is said to be almost certain to leave Real Madrid next season. This shocking news was reported by the famous Spanish daily, Marca.

According to Marca, Madrid, Chelsea and Hazard have reached an agreement about the transfer. Actually the issue of Hazard's move from Stamford Bridge has long been speculated. The instability of the conditions at the club regarding the position of the coach and also the consistency of achievement is the reason for Hazard to leave.

The issue quieted down when Zinedine Zidane resigned as Madrid coach at the start of this season. However, when Zidane was re-appointed as Madrid coach recently, this issue reappeared. Moreover, Hazard had also said that he wanted to be trained by Zidane in Madrid.

Zidane has not made any statements on the certainty whether or Hazard was his main target. Zidane had always avoided any questions related to the Belgian captain.

However, according to Marca, this time Zidane asked directly to Madrid's management to ensure the arrival of Hazard. The Belgian will be plotted as Madrid's main star next season.

But Marca did not have information about how much the official Hazard transfer fee fould be. What is clear, El Real's first offer of 80 million euros has been rejected by Chelsea. Marca only reported that Hazard will get a six-year contract once this transfer is complete.

The problem is, this issue is hard to believe because the Blues are currently being banned from signing players for two seasons.