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Runners from 30 Countries to Enliven Borobudur Marathon 2018

Runners from 30 Countries to Enliven Borobudur Marathon 2018

MAGELANG, NNC - Runners from 30 countries are going to enliven Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon 2018 in the Borobudur Temple area in Magelang Regency, Central Java on Sunday (11/18/2018).

The Chief Editor of Kompas Daily as an event organizer for the 2018 Borobudur Marathon Budiman Tanuredjo in Magelang, Saturday (11/17) said that of the 10,000 runners who will participate in the event, 205 runners are coming from abroad.

He said participants from abroad experienced an increase compared to the 2017 Borobudur Marathon, which was followed by 27 countries with 178 international runners.

Also interesting is the change from the category, in 2017, the runners piling up at 10K were almost 70 percent, now the composition has been reversed, participants have gone up to the class, the full marathon (42.195KM) reaches 46 percent, then half marathon 39 percent and 10K around 30 percent.

In terms of foreign participation, most are from Malaysia, then Kenya, and Singapore. The oldest marathon participants are Judith Van Ginkel (85), a Dutch citizen, William Herman Vollmert (76), an American citizen, and some locals Masdjuki (75), Adji Baroto (75), and Wisdarmanto (74).

Budiman said what distinguishes the organization of the 2018 Borobudur Marathon from 2017 one is that this year before the event, a Friendship Run is held, which is a run of 3.7 kilometers with a route around the cultural site of the Pawon Temple.

"We hope that through this event it can have a significant impact on the tourism and economic sectors in Magelang and its surroundings," explained Budiman, reported by Antara on Saturday.

He said that this year Borobudur Marathon also added a blue line along the marathon route. As the first marathon in Indonesia to use a blue line, it is expected to show the runners the fastest and most efficient route to the finish line.