Thursday, 23 May 2019 | 14:23 WIB

MU Defeats Everton, Mourinho Satisfied

Manager of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho.

MANCHESTER, NNC – Manchester United (MU) manager, Jose Mourinho said he was very satisfied with the appearance of his men when MU defeated Everton in the English Premier League follow-up. Although, MU did not play in perfect condition.

When entertaining Everton at Old Trafford, Sunday (10/28/2018) GMT, MU managed to win by 2-1. Goals from Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial were countered once by Everton through Gylfi Sigurdsson's penalty.

The Red Devils appeared to be in control in this fight, limiting the chances of the opposing club. Equally releasing 14 shots, MU had 10 that were right on target while Everton had six. A poor finish from Everton helped MU.

MU needed more wins to climb up the standings. Currently MU is in eighth position with 17 points from 10 weeks.

"We started well, the second half we played better than the first. We had good match control. We had quality, creativity, possession, we were solid in our defense, and not worthy of experiencing the last 15 minutes," said Mourinho as quoted by the BBC.

"I am happy with these points, which we need. The last three Premier League matches, we have picked up two wins at home and one point that is not worth it at Stamford Bridge," he added.