Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:37 WIB

3 Top Famous Footballers on Social Media

Cristiano Ronaldo

JAKARTA, NNCThe popularity of today's footballers have surpassed actors or even politicians. That's why many of them have millions of followers on social media, with Cristiano Ronaldo being the most popular.

According to KPMG Football as of October 1 2018, Ronaldo currently has 340 million followers on his social media. Most of the  followers are on Instagram reaching 143 million, followed by Facebook (123 million) and Twitter (75 million). The number of Ronaldo's followers on social media even exceeded the current Indonesian population of 264 million.

Following behind Ronaldo is Paris Saint Germain striker Neymar. The Brazilian has 205 million followers, with most of them on Instagram (103 million), Facebook (61 million) and Twitter (41 million).

Lionel Messi is third on the list. The Barcelona striker has 189 million followers from two social media platforms, Facebook (90 million), and Instagram (99 million). The El Messiah does not have a Twitter account.