Monday, 17 June 2019 | 11:44 WIB

Rossi Claims Marquez Deters Dovi from Moving to Honda

Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso, and Valentino Rossi.

AUSTIN, NNC – The feud between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez is heating up. Rossi has mentioned that Marquez prevented Andrea Dovizoso from joining the Repsol Honda team for the 2019 season.

Andrea Dovizioso was in fact being prepared by Honda to replace Dani Pedrosa. The rumor of Dovizioso moving to Repsol Honda got stronger after the Italian rider refused a new contract offer from Ducati.

But, as reported by Diario Gol, Marquez reportedly prevented Dovizioso from moving. The Spanish media said the news was revealed by Rossi.

Rossi said Marquez did not want a stronger rider than Pedrosa, which would happen if Dovizioso became his teammate.

"When Marquez negotiates a new contract, he gives three conditions, one of which is that Dani Pedrosa should be his team mate next season, HRC will not give in to Marquez’s demands. It is no secret that the Japanese team is supporting Marquez," Diario Gol wrote.

Interestingly Rossi already knew that Honda is trying to recruit Dovizioso. The 39-year-old rider also knew that Marquez tried to prevent Dovizioso from joining Honda next season.

"Valentino Rossi is a rider who knows everything that is going on in the MotoGP garage.He has been at the Grand Prix for a long time and there is no news getting by him. When people ask, 'Do you know about Marc Marquez [prevent Dovizioso]?', He already knows the answer," wrote Diario Goal.

Dovizioso was part of Repsol Honda team in MotoGP throughout the 2009 season until 2011. But, Dovizioso was only able to achieve one victory throughout the three seasons.