Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:18 WIB

This is The Secret That Makes Rosberg Beat Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

LONDON, NNC – Lewis Hamilton again proved himself as the best in Formula 1 racing last season.

Former Mercedes racer Nico Rosberg once competed fiercely with Hamilton for several seasons before retiring after winning the F1 world title in 2016. He even achieved the title after a super fierce battle with Hamilton from the first series to the last.

Currently Hamilton is considered as the main favorite to again rule the 2018 F1 race. However, according to Rosberg, if only opponents know Hamilton's weak point then the title of champion can fall into the hands of other riders. 

"Hamilton's biggest drawback is that he's a bit inconsistent - there was a period when Hamilton really did not perform well at all, if you can take advantage of that period and really win in most races you can make him slump a bit longer," he told Sky Sports.

"Sebastian Vettel did a good job last year and Valtteri Bottas should try to do that, he should be able to take advantage of the momentum when Hamilton is not at his best," he added.