Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:40 WIB

Tourist Destination, Persib New Coach Mario Gomez Curious about Visiting Borobudur Temple

Persib Bandung new coach Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez.

JAKARTA, NNC – Persib Bandung new coach Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez admitted happy with the charm of Indonesia. Hence, one of the reasons Roberto Carlos managing Persib is the uniqueness of the country.

Coincidentally, Persib bandung team has been undergoing three days of training camp in Yogyakarta, precisely in the field of State University of Yogyakarta.

Secretly the Argentine coach apparently already has a holiday plan in the city of Gudeg (Yogyakarta's special food) after heading his squad for training camp. Mario Gomez was so curious to visit the Borobudur temple which is one of the world famous historic buildings.

"Previously I also had planned to enjoy this city. I want to see Borobudur Temple, I want to go there. This temple is famous all over the world," said Mario Gomez as quoted from the official website of the club.

Borobudur temple the heritage of Syailendra dynasty makes coach of Persib, Mario Gomez, curious.

The management of Maung Bandung, Persib's designation, deliberately chose the State University of Yogyakarta as a training ground because the facility is considered complete. In addition, the life in Yogyakarta which is quite calm is considered appropriate to sharpen the focus of the players.

Incidentally also a lot of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas make the squad of Maung Bandung as well as Mario Gomez able to travel during their vacant time.

"Of course after all the duties and responsibilities here [Yogyakarta] finished [we are going to Borobudur]. Later also I want to go to some good places in Indonesia," concluded the 60-year old coach.