Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:18 WIB

Makan Kanote Set to Join Sriwijaya FC

Makan Kanote Set to Join Sriwijaya FC (bolalob)

PALEMBANG, NNC - Mali football player Makan Kanote, formerly of Bersib Bandung, has joined Sriwijaya FC to be part of the 2018 season squad.

Ucok Hidayat, Team Manager of Sriwijaya FC, said Kanote is currently taking care of administrative documents to move to Palembang City, South Sumatra which is the homebase of Sriwijaya FC.

Kanote will arrive in Palembang soon, and is currently working on his visa," he said in Palembang, Friday (01/12/2017).

The presence of Kanote in the Laskar Wong Kito's squad is not separated from the role of coach Rahmad Darmawan, also known as RD.

RD and Konate were at Malaysian club, T-Team last season.

RD usually deploys players from Africa in his squad’s front line and back line.

"Why do I look for foreign players, because most teams in Indonesia use foreign strikers, so to absorb it, yes wear foreign players as well," said RD.

Meanwhile, ahead of the initial training scheduled on December 4, 2017 in Palembang, club management began to divulge some names that would become retainer Laskar Wong Kito.

Club president Sriwijaya FC, Dodi Reza Alex announced via social media page. "Welcome, Visccara, Konate, Adam Alis, Alvin T, kuyung kitek Yogi Rahadian from Muba in SFC !," said Dodi quoted from Antara.

Sriwijaya FC carries a high target this season after recruiting coach "champion" Rahmad Darmawan. The South Sumatra team is hoping to return to the championship line after last season slumped at 13th.

The club's management hopes at least this year's Sriwijaya FC hopes to break through the top three rivals, and 2019 can steal home the championship trophy.