Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:12 WIB

Hamilton Secures First Pole in Suzuka, Targets Winning Japan GP

Lewis Hamilton (f1)

SUZUKA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Mercedes Formula 1 team racer Lewis Hamilton has just secured pole position at the 2017 Japan GP. The Englishman is determined to win the race at Suzuka Circuit, as he will start the race from first position.

Hamilton’s goal is to win at Suzuka and create distance between him and rival Sebastian Vettel, who will start the race from second position.

Hamilton became the rider with the fastest lap time in qualifying Japan GP on Saturday (7/10/2017). The pole position at Suzuka is the 71st pole start in the Mercedes driver's career, but only the first at the Suzuka Circuit.

"In the past I never really got the right balance (here) so I never get the most out of qualifying, so now that I can finally do it, it's a good job from my team techs," Hamilton said to Crash.

"I missed a lot of chances to get this pole and I was determined 'today will definitely defend it." Valtteri has done well Well yes, he will be penalized at start, but in the race he has a good chance to get ahead and compete. "

"We've worked hard to make the car work as well as possible so hopefully it will be so in the race as usual Ferrari riders will go faster, but we plan to keep them behind," he said.