Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 13:39 WIB

Yayuk Basuki on Tenis, Then and Now

Indonesia’s tennis legend Yayuk Basuki.(doc/Brilio)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Indonesia’s tennis legend Yayuk Basuki sees differences in tennis today compared to when she was queen of the court.

"Tennis was not just a sport, but a means to get to know the world and meet new friends from other countries," said Yayuk basuki who is now a politician at the Hotel Sultan Tennis Court, Jakarta, Thursday (9/14/2017).

Basuki cited her friendship with Thailand’s tennis legend Tamarine Tanasugarn whom she first met in 1991 in Pattaya, Thailand.

After the two met, both could set aside their rivalry off the court and even became as close as family.

However, Basuki no longer see this kind of friendship amongst tennis players because tennis has become more of a way of doing business.

"Because it is only for business, the players’ way of thinking is different now. It is difficult for them to make friends, and ultimately they have lots of stress, which also affects the stagnant growth of Indonesian tennis," Basuki said quoted from Antara.