Wednesday, 22 May 2019 | 05:48 WIB

LG Introduces Environmentally Friendly Inverter Linear Refrigerators

LG Introduces Environmentally Friendly Inverter Linear Refrigerators

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Citing data from the United Nations (UN), the total amount of food that becomes stale or discarded before being consumed is estimated to account for one-third of total food in the world.

When referring to the estimated amount of food produced worldwide for daily food, the weight of these wasted food reach 1.3 million tons annually. The same data says, losses incurred reached US $680 million in developed countries and US $310 million in developing countries.

Jaeyoung Lee, President Director of LG Electronics Indonesia, says “the very unfortunate fact is still happening in modern society that already have storage technology by cooling through the existence of refrigerator.”

Departing from this, according to him, LG as a global electronics company known for various innovations in household electronic devices, then conducted research on better ways of refrigerator storage.

"As a result, the long-term challenge of storing food is no longer the heat of temperature, but temperature fluctuations. Stable and even temperature are said to be the key to keep the freshness of food, "said Jaeyoung on Saturday (7/22).

While in the conventional refrigerators circulating in the market today, although providing a blast of cold air, but experiencing high temperature fluctuations in the cabin. The dynamics of temperature change is then the deciding point of the refrigerator duration in maintaining the freshness of the food stored in it.

This is what makes LG develop its newest refrigerator with linear inverter compressor that offers a longer refreshment for groceries. Ensuring this latest innovation can reach more families in Indonesia, LG immersed all of this technology into its new two-door Freezer series this year. This type of refrigerator is the most popular refrigerator in Indonesia.