Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 07:39 WIB

BEST Kids TKK 3 PENABUR Drum Band Makes Successful Performance at KBF XIV 2019

BEST Kids TKK 3 PENABUR Drum Band Makes Successful Performance at KBF XIV 2019 (netralnews)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -  The BEST Kids Drum Band of TKK 3 PENABUR have successfully performed in the Kids Band Festival (KBF) XIV 2019 event at GOR POPKI, Cibubur, Sunday (04/07/2019). This time, the TKK 3 PENABUR BEST Kids Drum Band featured two musical compositions of The Bare Necessities and Trust in Me from the soundtrack of the Disney film The Jungle Book.

TKK 3 PENABUR's BEST Kids Drum Bands looked brilliant and confident by dressing in green and white percussion and wolf-themed color guard. Not only clothes, the performance of the TKK 3 PENABUR BEST Kids Drum Band was also supported by decorations of trees, leaves and rocks.

Mohammad Ilham, one of the trainers of BEST Kids TKK 3 PENABUR Drum Band, said that he had prepared the team to perform well during the competition. Not in vain, Ilham claimed to be satisfied with the appearance of the Best Kids TKK 3 PENABUR drum band featuring elements of the forest in the story of The Jungle Book.

"Our performance is above my expectations, smooth, steady. Hopefully the display will run smoothly and no one takes the flag, it is safe," Ilham told Netralnews after the appearance of TKK 3 PENABUR's BEST Kids Drum Band.

BEST Kids TKK 3 PENABUR's other Drum Band trainer, Riza Ahzam, explained that before appearing in the 2019 KBF XIV competition, the TKK 3 PENABUR BEST Kids Drum Band Team had gone through a long selection and training process. The selection was carried out on the TKK 3 PENABUR East Jakarta students by the coach team, some of which were seen from skills, emotions and memory.

"It's been difficult. If they were not in the mood, it would be tough to train the children, usually because they are tired and it is a hard start, but we are motivated. Moreover, drum bands train the right and left brains. Listen to music, hit musical instruments, body movements and count when making formation, "explained Riza.

Not only the motivation of the trainers, building the motivation of the children in participating in KBF XIV 2019 was also carried out by parents of the BEST Kids TKK 3 PENABUR Drum Band members, one of them was David Banta Tarigan. Daniel Tarigan's father admitted that his son in the middle of the training had fallen ill for a week. Daniel then had a long break from the drum band's activities and lost his enthusiasm for school and training, but David and his wife were not careless about persuading their children to get active again in school and at this TKK 3 PENABUR flagship extracurricular.

"Wow, we are enthusiastic about Daniel joining this competition. Training for a year is not in vain. We have paid attention to health and also motivated him," said David.

David claimed to provide special time on weekends to support his son who was entrusted to play the snar drum in the 2019 KBF XIV competition. David even bought up a family, including Daniel's grandfather, sister and brother.

"By joining the band's drum, Daniel was taught discipline, enthusiasm and learned the meaning of the struggle. Daniel's good habits were also brought home, becoming active and responsible children," said David.