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These Five Zodiac Signs Can Get Brokenhearted Easily

These Five Zodiac Signs Can Get Brokenhearted Easily (topsante)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Do you think all relationships need to be taken seriously? Injured by a rejection in love is obviously painful. But how long the pain lasts, is very dependent on an individual.

There are some people who might not be able to deal with it and the effect might last long. Some have fears that are constantly hurt, rejected or ignored.

Do you have people like that on your friends list? Don't you think they need affirmation of love on time from you? And what's surprising is that astrology can help you find out which of your friends fall into this category. It's all based on their zodiac signs, as reported by Boldksy.


Do you often think that Arians are strong enough because they like to talk, they burn like "fire" and most of the time is spent projecting the side of their fire? The fact is they only show a stronger side. But fear of being hurt is what makes them do it. Because they are very in touch with their hearts, they feel the slightest pain and scream when they are sick.


Gemini sometimes looks very mysterious, because they don't talk much and not with everyone. But what you might not know is that, the ocean of emotions, the world of thought and a series of observations continue to flow in their minds all the time. Gemini has just broken ties to deal with pain and rejection.


Leos appears confident and always prides himself. So they are lions. However, the higher the pride, the more fear that pride will hurt. Even though they are confident, they also continue to seek acceptance from everyone. When they failed to get it, it was very painful for them.


Scorpio has properties that make them control many things. They try to control it first. The case is exactly the same when it comes to the relationship of love and emotion. As long as they can, they try not to get hurt. But yes, they suffer constant fear, consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes they break off a dubious relationship and that will hurt him.


Sagitarius trust people around them, and suddenly they got hurt and here they learn the lesson. Now they know that people sometimes hurt others. Therefore, they are afraid of being hurt again. Well, this does not mean they do not believe. It's just that they are constantly afraid of being hurt.