Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 08:17 WIB

Samsung Launches Galaxy A30 and A50 Series in Indonesia

Samsung Galaxy A30 (antara)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Samsung has launched the Galaxy A50 and A30 series for the Indonesian market in Jakarta on Friday (3/22/2019), which will enter the market on March 29, 2019 with a price tag starting at Rp.3.39 million targeting the millennial or generation Z segment.

"The two series are in line with the generation Z lifestyle that likes to record and make videos directly," said Samsung Electronics Indonesia Head of IT and Mobile Product Marketing Denny Galant during a launch in Jakarta.

Samsung markets the two middle segment products, both in retail stores and in networks through e-commerce services.

The Galaxy A50 (4GB and 64GB RAM/memory) is priced at IDR 4,499,000. Then, the Galaxy A50 (6GB and 128GB RAM / memory) costs IDR 4,899,000. Whereas, the Galaxy A30 will sell for IDR 3,999,000.

The need for the millennial segment for video recording will get the support of the 123-degree Ultra-Wide lens that makes the results of photos and videos in the natural picture captured by the human eye. This feature can be used for scenery, group photos, and architecture.

On the Galaxy A50, there is a Depth Lens feature that produces a bokeh effect. Users can also adjust the depth of the bokeh after finishing snapping with the Live Focus feature.

The AI ​​Camera feature is embedded in the A50 and A30 series for more optimal images. AI Camera can identify photo and video elements, optimizing the subject automatically for up to 20 scene categories (A50) and 19 categories (A30).

Photos can also be optimized thanks to the Flaw Detection feature, where the user gets a notification when the photo is blurry, the subject of the photo flashes, the lens is dirty or the light behind the object.

Both series are equipped with a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh to access social media, play games on the network (online), watch movies, to make live videos smoothly.

The Galaxy A30 and A50 have a 6.4-inch screen with the Infinity-U SuperAMOLED screen. The Samsung Galaxy A50 has an On Screen Fingerprint feature so that the screen can be opened faster without disturbing comfort while holding a cellphone.

Especially for the Galaxy A50, Samsung also provides Bixby Vision supporting features that make it easier for users to shop. Users only need to direct the camera at the destination object and automatically Samsung will provide a reference to the online store that sells the item.

In the Galaxy A series, users can even take advantage of Samsung Pay's non-cash payment services in collaboration with Dana services.

Samsung smartphones that have the Adaptive Fast Charging feature for battery charging are available in three color choices: black, blue and white