Thursday, 23 May 2019 | 13:59 WIB

Whatsapp Has Recovered from Disturbance, IG and Facebook Still Facing Disturbances

Whatsapp Has Recovered from Disturbance, IG and Facebook Still Facing Disturbances (oneindonesia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS - After having experienced a disturbance on Thursday (3/14/2019) morning, the WhatsApp instant messaging application was mentioned to be functioning normally.

Users have been able to send image and video content, after they were not able to do so when Whatsapp experienced disturbance.

Meanwhile, Facebook until 12.00 Indonesian western time, is still experiencing problems, as some users tried to declare failure when uploading videos. However, status updates on Facebook has gone smoothly.

Facebook disturbance report data, through the Down Detector page, decreasing until 11.00 WIB there were only 109 reports. The peak of Facebook's disturbance reached its highest point around 08.00 WIB. At least 12,211 reports of Facebook interference on Down Detector.

As many as 35 percent of citizens, according to Down Detector, have difficulty when going to their Facebook page. Other users have problems with the News Feed feature, which is 33 percent of the total users and a blank screen of 30 percent.

Interference with Facebook until Thursday afternoon is still global. In addition to Indonesia, users in Japan, India, the United States and a number of countries in Europe still feel the interference on the social network.

Disturbances on Instagram also began to improve. Users can refresh their main page.

Although there were more reports of disturbances related to Instagram than Facebook, reports related to the disturbance continued to decline after the peak of damage on Thursday morning.

Quoting Antara, Data in Down Detector as of 11.00 Indonesian western time showed 897 disturbances on Instagram. That number decreased from 30,430 reports of disturbances at 08.00 WIB.

The most disturbing Instagram reports related to News Feed access as much as 38 percent. While cases of account entry failures amounted to 36 percent and interference with Instagram Internet sites reached 24 percent.

Instagram also has a global scale distribution of disturbances in Australia, Japan, the United States and India, still in Indonesia.

Facebook representatives in Indonesia have not provided an explanation of the disturbance. Likewise, Facebook Global's latest confirmation of the development of the disorder has not been updated.

Previously, Facebook through uploading on an official Twitter account stated that it was still repairing damage to their services and ensuring that the problem was not due to a DDoS attack.