Thursday, 23 May 2019 | 14:05 WIB

NorthCliff Presents The Piano Brothers

NorthCliff Presents The Piano Brothers (northcliff)

JAKARTA, NNCPT NorthCliff Indonesia, a financial services company that focuses on corporate financial activities, held a celebration by inviting The Piano Brothers to perform in Indonesia, entertaining music lovers through a mix of various classical, modern to musical music.

As an entrepreneur who cares deeply about the development of music in Indonesia and the world, Erry Sulistio, the founder of NorthCliff Indonesia, is very proud to be able to present Elwin Hendrijanto through his Piano Brothers performing in Indonesia.

The Piano Brothers consists of Elwin Hendrijanto (Indonesia) and Dominic Anthony Ferris (UK). The collaboration began when they studied at the Royal College of Music, London in 2009. In January 2014, The Piano Brothers got a special place on the world music stage with the collaboration of famous labels in Europe, namely Abbey Road Studios London.

"Elwin is an Indonesian male musician who has a reputation in the world of music, Elwin's work should be known in Indonesia. "His appearance on a very different stage has inspired and entertained music lovers in the world," explained Erry Sulistio, Tuesday (03/12/2019).

Erry Sulistio added that this reputation can be proven by the recognition of Craig Terry, Managing Director of Steinway & Sons, that the appearance of The Piano Brothers is very creative and able to amaze the audience, so that every appearance does not want to end quickly.

Erry Sulistio's passion and interest in music is not limited to mere connoisseurs. More than that, Erry Sulistio, who is also a band child since middle school, is very hopeful that the Indonesian Diasporas who work through music at the international level can be better known in their own birthplace, in Indonesia.

"My goal and NorthCliff Indonesia presented Elwin‘ The Piano Brothers to better introduce Indonesian male musicians in their own country. "Hopefully, musicians in Indonesia will increasingly give birth to their works and are increasingly loved in their own country," explained Erry Sulistio, who has a hobby in the world of music in Jakarta, March 11, 2019.

Erry Sulistio added that his experience as a band boy as well as an entrepreneur was very familiar with the development of the music industry at the national and global level. Therefore, if a son of the Indonesian nation is able to penetrate the music market in the world, it means that their works are quality works.

Including works that have been worked on by Elwin, an Indonesian-born pianist and composer who has worked on music arrangements for the world famous perfume brand video, Channel No.5 Paris. The Asian Games music is also part of the work of Elwin, besides Elwin and The Piano Brothers are also trusted by Steinway & Sons to work on music for the Steinway B Film in London.

Their works include recording the piano for the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics, and were able to top the UK and iTunes charts through music arrangements on 'If I Can Dream' Elvis Presley album released worldwide in October 2015.

"The arrival of The Piano Brothers is a series of programs that have been run by NorthCliff Indonesia," continued Erry Sulistio.

Previously, NorthCliff Indonesia had held a KLA Project music concert in the Pop genre. That experience strengthened NorthCliff Indonesia to better introduce Indonesian musicians in their own country.