Monday, 27 May 2019 | 18:04 WIB

So Ji Sub Entertains Fans at Balai Sarbini in Jakarta

So Ji Sub Entertains Fans at Balai Sarbini in Jakarta (sidomi)

JAKARTA, NNC --  So Ji Sub has satisfied his fans in a fan meeting held at Balai Sarbini, Jakarta, Saturday (03/09/2019). Not only revealed his personal problems, he also entertained with a row of songs that he brought along.

With the title "So Ji Sub Asia Fanmeeting Tour Hello Jakarta" organized by Viu Indonesia, So Ji Sub made his fans hysterical. Before the program began, the audience was treated to videos from the Korean stars, ranging from music clips to daily activities.

Ji Sub himself opened the event right at 3:00 p.m. He immediately sang the chorus part of Barry Manilow's song "Can't Smile without You". After singing, Ji Sub was accompanied by an MC and translator.

"Hello everyone, meet me again So Ji Sub. Hopefully we will all have fun," said Ji Sub.

This fanmeeting is divided into several segments. The first is of course introductory, especially for viewers who have just witnessed it for the first time. Because in 2017, Ji Sub had held a similar event. He revealed about the Indonesian food he had tried and he enjoyed it.

"For typical food, definitely fried rice and fried noodles. I enjoyed it once to eat fried rice and fried noodles. If you go to Korea, I personally like bibimpap, but it's spicy, so you can replace the spicy sauce with sesame oil only. Because if I eat like that, "said Ji Sub.

In this session there was also a question and answer between Ji Sub and the audience. One of the topics discussed on the diet is the one in the drama series "Oh My Venus", in which Ji Sub plays a male character who helps someone diet.

The first session ended with Ji Sub singing "Picnic". Then immediately proceed with the game. Here, Ji Sub was asked questions about his previous films. Ji Sub was given the opportunity to ask the audience. If wrong, he will be punished. In fact, not all of his fans memorized the details of the Ji Sub film, so he received several penalties.

The interaction between Ji Sub and the audience is really intense here. He really enjoyed what was said by his fans and vice versa, the audience was very enthusiastic to give answers to Ji Sub so that his idol was not punished.

Ji Sub also gave some presents to the audience. The most surprising thing was that he gave his polaroid photo taken from behind the stage and a necklace with a pendant that read "Hello" like the name of the tour. The necklace is also exactly the same as the one worn by it. This prize is given based on the ticket number that has been randomized, a kind of door prize.

"For the next part, you will know that I will sing," Ji Sub said.

Shortly thereafter, Ji Sub left with Soul Dive rap group which always accompanied him when he became a rapper. Here, Ji Sub shows his ability that is not only good at acting but also a singer, especially a rapper.

Ji Sub and Soul Dive performed approximately six songs including "So Ganzi", "Boy Go" and "Cola Bottle Baby".

For approximately two hours, So Ji Sub entertained his fans with various performances. When saying goodbye, he also had time to make a "love sign" with both arms arched above his head, as reported by Antara.