Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:54 WIB

LG Launches Black Series Refrigerators

LG Launches Black Series Refrigerators (lgelectronicsindonesia)

JAKARTA, NNC - PT. LG Electronics Indonesia (LG) has launched the marketing of its newest refrigerator line, the LG Black Series. Offsetting the black color that makes it look elegant, the LG Black Series refrigerator is said to have a focus on developing better protection.

The thing about this protection does not only refer to the ability to store food, but also the resistance to use.

"The LG Black Series was developed in an elemental vortex that aspires to the modern family in owning a refrigerator. Store food and drinks better in an elegant lifestyle, "said Fariz Adiputra - Product Marketing for Home Appliance LG Electronics Indonesia.

This elegant look is important, according to him, because the change of life has made the placement of a refrigerator in a house needing more space that can be seen by others.

He further stated that the choice of marketing time on February  was attributed to strong family nuances. This is inseparable from several major celebrations that took place in February. He gave an example, the Chinese New Year celebration and the new love day, strengthen the togetherness of family and loved ones.

In terms of categories, the LG Black Series refrigerator has two variants, Side by Side and two-door refrigerator. While when viewed from the material, there are variants of Black Glass and Matte Black Steel.

As the name suggests, the black glass variant is made with glass material that makes it look shiny. However, no need to worry because the glass that is applied is tempered glass which has better strength in resisting impact and scratches.

With this material capital, the black glass variant in the two-door refrigerator category is made with a door blade design that is in the form of a smooth arch. Not only that, the coating on the door bar is made by creating an impression without edges. It not only strengthens the impression of luxury, but also makes it the first refrigerator in the world to implement this design.