Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 10:10 WIB

MMKSI Showcases Six X-MOC Modified Xpander at Tons of Real Happiness Event

Illustration: Modified Xpander showcased at the Tons of Real Hapiness campaign event

TANGERANG, NNC – PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (PT MMKSI) appreciates and provides space for consumer creativity by displaying six units of modified Mitsubishi XPANDER at final event of the Xpander Tons of Real Happiness campaign series held on January 25-27, 2019.

The six units of the tuned Mitsubishi Xpander displayed are the cars of the owners who are also members of the Xpander Mitsubishi Owners Club (XMOC) community domiciled in the Greater Jakarta area.

These owners have given various touches and additions to their beloved cars, Mitsubishi Xpander. This is inseparable from the advantages possessed by Xpander especially on attractive designs that combine a tough and dynamic exterior with a modern interior and have many functions like the future MPV.

Based on these advantages, the modifications made by the users are more aimed at personalizing and adding an element of character peculiarity to their Xpander at an affordable cost.

"Basically the Xpander design is already very good, but I who like the die cast toy want to apply the die cast theme to Xpander. The modification is done minimally with body kit parts and cutting sticker and voila! Personalized die cast Xpander that no other user has. This uniqueness makes me more proud and confident using Xpander," said Alvin Thandra, one of the owners of the modified Xpander car.

Various concepts and modification themes that were implemented by users on Xpander were displayed at this event. But all the cars have links, among others, being futuristic, tough, sporty, dynamic with personalized cutting edges that are tailored to the interests and hobbies of each owner.

MMKSI as the official distributor of passenger and light trade vehicles of Mitsubishi Motors saw the enthusiasm of the modifications of the Xpander users as a very good thing and was a form of customer love for the flagship small-MPV model of Mitsubishi Motors. And of course Xpander with a very attractive design makes the modification process more effortless.

"It was very nice to see high enthusiasm and affection of consumers for the products of Mitsubishi Motors passenger vehicles, especially Xpander. Modification and personalization of personal vehicles clearly illustrates how the emotional connection between the user and the product, and the love that arises from the satisfaction and benefits felt by the user. On the other hand modification activities can be a reference and input for manufacturers in mapping the needs and desires of consumers in a particular market," said Intan Vidiasari, Deputy of PT MMKSI's Group Head Planning & Communication.

Seeing the phenomenon of the widespread trend of modification to the Xpander, Head of Technical Service Department of PT MMKSI Boediarto confirmed that modification is the right of consumers.

"Consumers have the right to use and make modifications to their vehicles, but of course the modifications made must be in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. Vehicle warranty remains valid as long as the results of the investigation have not found a link between damage and modification, according to the terms and conditions referring to the vehicle booklet service," explained he.