Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:36 WIB

Mitsubishi equips Expander with Pedestrian Friendly Safety Feature

Mitsubishi Xpander at the GIIAS Medan Auto Show 2017

JAKARTA, NNC - Modern cars are required to come with excellent safety features in order to give a sense of security and comfort for the driver.

The latest safety features must include other safety features besides airbags.

Mitsubishi Motors' production cars marketed in Indonesia also have proven safety features. The feature not only anticipates accidents, but must also able to minimize the fatal impact in the event of an accident.

The feature that 'protects' pedestrians installed in the latest Mitsubishi cars is the Pedestrian Protection feature inorder to be pedestrian friendly.

Its an impact energy dampening structure on the bonnet, bumpers and fenders to minimize deformation due to impact and minimize injury to pedestrians.

Its able to reduce the impact of accidents on pedestrians through a built-in absorbing material on the hood and front bumper.

In case a collision occurs, injuries could be minimized with a rounded-shape front end made from non-metallic material.

"Safety when driving is important. A product is never enough by just offering comfort, good design, and a reliable engine, but security features are crucial in a family car," Head of Technical Service & CS Support Department PT MMKSI Boediarto said Thursday, Jan 10.

"Being a plus in its class, the Mitsubishi Xpander is equipped with various security features including Emergency Stop Signal, HAS or Hill Start Assist, ASC or Active Stability Control, which brings this product to a higher level than just an ordinary LMPV vehicle."