Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 14:13 WIB

24-year-old Xiao Wang, Disabled for Life after Selling Kidney to Buy an iPhone 4

JAKARTA, NNC - Xiao Wang, who was 17 years old in 2011, sold one of his kidneys to fulfill his desire own an iPhone 4, which was the most popular and advanced smartphone at the time.

According to the Oriental Daily, the iPhone 4 was popular among teenagers and a must-have item at the school where Xiao Wang attended back then.

Anyone who owns an iPhone 4 would immediately increase their social status, the report said. Wang also wanted the iPhone 4, but unfortunately did not have enough money.

Somehow, Wang had the urge to sell one of his kidneys inorder to have enough money to purchase an iPhone 4.

Wang finally went into surgery for a kidney removal illegally in a hospital. His kidney was sold for $3,200, or more than enough to buy an iPhone 4.

At that time, he was convinced that his life would remain normal although he only had one kidney.

Unfortunately, the operating room was not completely sterile, so Wang suffered an infection after his surgery. Wang's parents did not know about their son's kidney surgery until one day he became seriously ill.

Xiao Wang was finally rushed to a more trusted hospital, however, based on the results of the examination, his kidney was extremely damaged. Wang has spent his days in bed for the past seven years.

The problem is not over, Xiao Wang and his family went bankrupt as the cost of dialysis treatment for kidney disease is very expensive.

Meanwhile, a mediator and the illegal hospital that performed Wang's surgery was sued, but did not detail the amount of compensation given to the family, citing Antara.