Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 13:52 WIB

Suzuki to unveil Jimny Pickup and Survive at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Jimny Sierra Pickup

JAKARTA, NNC - Suzuki will unveil two Jimny concepts at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 next month, which includes the Sierra Pickup truck, Survive SUV and Swift Sport Yellow Rev.

According to The Drive on Sunday, the Jimny Sierra pickup with woody styling on the side of its body is installed to show the toughness of the Jimny as an off-road vehicle despite its small size.

The front side is designed with a five-line grille, with more of a retro-look with the word "Suzuki". This model also comes with wider fenders, off-road tires and higher ground clearance.

To increase visibility at night, the Sierra Jimny packs four LED spotlights installed on the top.

The Jimny Survive concept model uses a standard Jimny base with changes in vehicle height and rather over-fendered tires. The Survive is designed for hardcore off-roading enthusiasts.

The Jimny Survive's front side features a steel bumper with a winch and integrated tow hooks. There is also a headlight protector and the front and rear fenders are fitted with diamond plate steel for additional protection and visual appeal.

However, if you are not intrigued with the two Jimny concepts, Suzuki also unveils the Swift Sports Yellow Rev that features a special High Chroma Yellow Pearl exterior paint, citing Antara.