Monday, 27 May 2019 | 18:01 WIB

Disney Animation Studios Airs Bali: Beats of Paradise

Disney Animation Studios Airs Bali: Beats of Paradise (Special)

DENPASAR, NNC - Some time ago, the film Bali: Beats of Paradise was officially approached by Walt Disney. Well, on Thursday (06/12), the film, directed by Indonesian director Livi Zheng, was finally aired at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The attendees of the airing included the film producers of Moana, and the head of story at Frozen, among others.

Since the beginning, Bali: Beats of Paradise has indeed been able to attract the attention of filmmakers from the US. The film began airing in American cinemas on November 16, 2018. The film then finally got a broadcast invitation at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

At Walt Disney Animation Studios, the screening and question and answer sessions were attended by Livi Zheng, gamelan composer Nyoman Wenten, and Executive Producer Julia Gouw.

After the screening of the film was finished, Livi Zheng, Nyoman Wenten and Julia Gouw had a discussion with the Disney creative team. They discussed about filmmaking and Indonesian culture for almost 2 hours.

Nyoman Wenten claimed to be happy with the remarks given by the American public for the film that showcased Balinese culture.

"It's amazing to see people who have broad thoughts expressing their mutual interests. I've been able to see from the beginning that there is a beautiful relationship between Livi and the Disney creative team," he said.

Wenten admitted that he did not know whether there were other Indonesian people in the film industry who had been invited by Walt Disney to show their films in front of Disney officials prior to Livi.

"After all, this is amazing and makes me proud to be an Indonesian," he stressed.

Meanwhile, Livi Zheng said a number of questions came from those who had watched this film. The questions were very diverse.

"After watching, many questions were raised. Starting from the meaning of the engravings found in gamelan instruments, to the shooting experience in Indonesia," she said.

Livi also mentioned the extraordinary hospitality she received at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

"Disney is one company that makes childhood beautiful. I remember so many happy memories from watching Disney films. I am very happy today that I can be here and introduce a unique culture of Indonesia," Livi said proudly.

Moreover, Indonesia Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya also claimed to have similar feelings.

"Getting a special invitation from Walt Disney is the pride and joy of all Indonesian filmmakers. Moreover, the film that was screened lifted Balinese culture very extraordinary. Of course we hope that this opportunity will open the way for Indonesian filmmakers to go international. Success and good luck for Livi," he said.