Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 03:24 WIB

Here Are The Most Active Twitter Accounts in Indonesia in 2018

The official Twitter account of President Joko Widodo (setkab)

JAKARTA, NNCIn 2018, the Indonesian people show a very diverse trend of interests on Twitter that could be seen from the various accounts that are often discussed in their timelines.

Twitter Indonesia noted that President Joko Widodo (@jokowi) was ranked first, followed by Fiersa Besari @FiersaBesari, Firgiawan Ramaulana @seterahdeh, Prabowo Subianto @prabowo, and new top five newcomer this year, Bayu Joo @ bayu-joo .

"There are three Twitter users who are not well-known. The points of these accounts are that they always tap into the conversation that is happening at that time. At the Asian Games for example, they participate in the conversation," said Dwi Ardiansah, Country Industry Head of Twitter Indonesia and Malaysia, in Jakarta on Wednesday (05/12).

Five other Twitter accounts that are included in the 10 most talked about Indonesian accounts are @fadlizon, @ARMYIndonesia, @Fahrihamzah, @sandiuno and @andihiyat - respectively.

Twitter is a real time and conversational platform allows users to grab the attention of their followers and express unique ideas that are different from one another.

The funny viral tweet that got lots of retweets by Twitter users in Indonesia came from @maxbam, which was retweeted 39,000 times.

The humorous tweet from @TedyGunaidi also make it into the 2018 top tweet by being retweeted 36,000 times. The account uploaded a video with a funny note "Only in Indonesia, the Tornado does not have self-respect," which shows elementary school children in Indonesia who are not at all afraid to play in the swirl of tornadoes.

In addition, there were also tweets from @GiaPratamaMD which discussed in depth about the causes of kidney stones that often the urban communities. This Tweet has been retweeted more than 35,000 times.