Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 09:52 WIB

Netflix Tests Lowest-Tier Streaming Package for Mobile Phones


JAKARTA, NNC - Netflix is testing a lower-cost streaming plan priced at $4 or around IDR58,000 per month, which you can stream only on a mobile device.

According to Variety, the special mobile package only apply in certain countries including Malaysia, and might not be widely available.

The trial targets smartphohe users in Asia so its price would be competitive with other video streaming services.

In Malaysia, Netflix for smartphone is priced at 9 Ringgit per month or IDR58,000. Its half the cost of Netflix's entry-level package, and 60% cheaper than the Standard two-stream HD plan at $10 (IDR146,000).

Last month, Netflix announced it would launched a lower-cost pricing models in international markets, including in India.

The price will be “below our current lowest tier,” chief product officer Greg Peters said at the company’s Q3 earnings interview last month. “We’ll see how that does in terms of being able to accelerate our growth and get more access.”

Besides India and Malaysia, Neflix has yet detail the countries it plans to test the lowest tier mobile-plan only service, citing Antara.