Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:40 WIB

Subaru to Recall Thousands of Cars including BRZ and Toyota 86

Subaru BRZ

JAKARTA, NNC - Subaru Corp plans to recall thousands of vehicles from a number of models in Japan and United States for engine problem, the Japanese media Asahi Shimbun reported.

The Tokyo-based manufacturer is expected to immediately announce a recall to the Japanese transportation ministry, Asahi Shimbun, according to a number of sources on Saturday.

Problems with valve springs can damage and inhibit engine work. The recalled model includes the BRZ sports car and the Toyota Motor Corp sports car dubbed 86, which was developed with Toyota and powered with the same engine as the BRZ.

Since autumn 2017, Subaru has been hit by a number of scandals, including non-qualified workers carrying out vehicle inspections and falsifying data for disposal rates, fuel efficiency and brake test.

On October 23 this year, the company drastically cut its profit forecast for the first six months of the money business in April.

The automaker said operating profit for the half-year period would drop to 61 billion yen ($544 million), 49 billion yen less than the estimate set in May.

Subaru said that a sharp downward revision was made mainly because of the costs allocated for vehicle quality. Subaru added that the costs were not related to a series of recent scandals.

The company said it would disclose details of new quality-related issues on November 5, when it was scheduled to release financial reports for a semester period.

In the scandal involving quality checks, Subaru recalled around 420,000 vehicles and then allocated 25 billion yen as related costs for the business year ending in March 2018.

Costs for planned withdrawals related to the machine trouble can exceed 25 billion yen, citing Antara.