Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 04:32 WIB

Honda Prospect Motor Launches All New Brio in Indonesia

Honda Prospect Motor Launches All New Brio in Indonesia (gooto)

DENPASAR, NNC - Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), the sole brand holder of Honda Motor Company cars in Indonesia, has introduced the second generation of Honda Brio. This new city car generation appears fresher and has significant changes in the rear sector.

Jonfis Fandy, Director of Marketing and After-Sales Services at Honda Prospect, said the second-generation Honda Brio was developed with features to suit the needs of its users, including expanded baggage.

"Yes, there is a change, as there is more space in the back in the latest generation," Jonfis said, explaining the change in rear view of the Honda Brio on Bali on Wednesday (17 / 10/2018).

He replied, "Besides, there is no way the design will not change, if the concept is still the same".

Changes in the appearance of the rear door on the All New Brio is a consequence to provide greater space for Brio.

The bigger space can be seen from the wheelbase that increased to 60 mm in length to create a larger rear seating space, plus a longer and bigger tandem space for use by young families while still maintaining a compact shape for easy maneuverability.

The luggage space also becomes wider up to 90 mm to provide greater capacity, and can even be used to easily accommodate baby strollers and other luggage.

The back door design that turns into tailgate Style also makes the All New Brio more sturdy to provide a sense of security.

"There is a specific request from Indonesia for the Honda Brio to be wider so that people can sit comfortably while still being able to fit in baby strollers and carriages," Jonfis said.

Currently the luggage capacity of the All New Brio reaches 258 liters, 84 liters larger than the old model.

Tsutomu Harano as the All New Honda Brio Large Project Leader explained that Honda R & D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. takes three years to develop the new Brio model.

"Since when it cannot be disseminated, because if we explain, the scale of our company will be open. But in broad terms it has been three years ago. That includes the period of research, such as asking consumers, what kind of change is the research period. , "said Tsutomu Harano.

He added that the wider All New Brio luggage adds to the performance of the car that surpasses the LCGC class.