Monday, 17 June 2019 | 11:58 WIB

Never Lie to These Five Zodiac Signs

Never lie to these five zodiac signs, since they are very good at detecting lies (mirror)

JAKARTA, NNC - It is always difficult, hard, and painful when a person you trust the most lies to you. However, did you know that some people are gifted with built-in lie detector capabilities to make them easily identify who is lying and who is not?

Well, according to astrology, there are at least 5 zodiac signs that are naturally gifted in reading people and situations. These people can almost always know when someone is lying and making up stories.

So, if you try to lie to them, you need to know that these people can easily catch your lies and make you feel sorry for lying to them.

Check out who they are, because these zodiac signs below are classified according to the level of intuition and lie-detection ability.


Scorpio  people are basically born with a lie detector. They can see what other people can not, and read people and situations around them that others can not do.

Their intuitive feelings and extraordinary abilities are used to observe the environment and the behaviors and reactions of people to help them judge individuals easily. They also fit to be a great criminal investigators. They see lies and tricks as a sign of weakness and they have a strong drive to reach the truth at every point of time. On the other hand, if they suspect a person is silent, then they will not rest until they know the truth.


They are widely known for having a strange mind as well as a keen view on reading the situation. They can find someone's lies by interacting with them and analyzing their body language!

They are also known to ask too many questions while paying attention to every small detail, because they are looking for some of the person's faults. On the other hand, they will not expose liars and embarrass them. Instead they will smile or comment sarcastically about the whole scenario.


These people are blessed with the ability to read the situation naturally. They can detect lies even with the subtle signs people reveal when they lie. These people are more analytical than their Gemini counterparts. They are also very smart and quick in seeing the smallest details that other people never notice.


They are some of the most skeptical people who seem to be questioning anyone for anything. Their quality is very special, because they do not believe everything they see or hear is true. They never reveal how good a liar the person is, otherwise they might take it as a lesson learned and continue with their lives.


They can easily tell whether someone is honest and speak the truth or just making up a story. It is easy for them to catch a liar by asking questions, until a liar gets confused with their own lies. On the other hand, they may also forgive you if you show a little bit of truth, to keep the peace and harmony between the two of you!