Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:10 WIB

Working Hard, Via Vallen Does Not Want To Miss the Moment

Via Vallen

JAKARTA, NNC - Dangdut singer Via Vallen admits she has no problem with working hard despite feeling tired because she does not want to lose the moment.

"It's not a problem (work every day), as long as it's right (being famous), people will be more willing to have me perform for them," says Via Vallen, in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Thursday (1/25/2018).

On the other hand, Via Vallen claims she often feels tired and affects her singing. "My voice is affected because of less rest," says Via Vallen.

Even so, Via Vallen says she does not need medication when she feels under the weather. All she needs is some rest to restore her stamina.

"All I need is rest to get my voice back," says Via Vallen.