Monday, 17 June 2019 | 11:33 WIB

2018 Prediction: Family, Health, Wealth, Love and More for Pisces

Pisces sign.

JAKARTA, NNC – Humans are ever curious to know about the future. We have an innate need to know about the things that will happen in our lives and also have the desire to have control over them.

This can easily be achieved through astrology. You too can bring out the best in you by preparing yourself for the life ahead. Therefore, NNC bring you the yearly forecast for 2018 by focusing on the Pisces zodiac sign, quote from the Boldsky.

Family Life

There will be obstacles in your path. You will be annoyed for this. You are required to put forward your opinion in front of your family members. You are advised to control your anger and stay away from arguments. There will be some issues while trying to buy or sell any property. Doing tasks with lot of patience and sanity will be beneficial for you. You are predicted to lose some money due to cases pending in the court. 

Your siblings will offer you support. Your relations with your parents will be cordial. However, there may be some difference of opinion with them. Under such circumstances, do not try to forcefully implement your decisions on them. Try to handle such situations with intelligence and wisdom.


Your health will need extra attention this year. Ailments relating to the kidney and liver may trouble you. Your sugar levels may fluctuate at dangerous levels due to which you might also visit the hospital. Low calcium levels in the body may give rise to injury to the bones or pain. Worshipping the banana and peepal tree will prove to be beneficial for you. 


You are expected to move into a new direction to earn money. Opportunities to earn wealth will open up. You will receive money through inheritance as well. Any issues relating to inheritance in your paternal family will be resolved. Do not put your trust on others when it comes to wealth, as you may be cheated.


People searching for employment may have to wait until October, as the time after that is very auspicious for you to get a job. If you are employed, you are advised against quitting your job to find a new one, as it may not be worth it for you.

For students, it is a good time to pursue studies as well as work part time to gain experience.


Business wise, it will be a good year for you. Your business will expand too. Partnerships will also be fruitful for you. However, you are advised not to blindly trust your partner, as it may lead to unnecessary arguments. It is highly recommended you go according to plans in all matters relating to business and avoid taking chances. Increase in wealth is foreseen. Do not take decisions in haste.

 Love Life

Your love life will be average this year. Your attraction towards your partner will only be superficial. It may be casual for you, but might hurt the person you are with. Do not stay in the relationship only for your benefit. For married people, your marital life will be a bliss. You will receive full support of your spouse. There will be a few interruptions in your happiness and mental peace. Do not carry your work-related problem outside, as it can spell trouble for you. 

Zodiac Tip

You are advised to fast on Thursdays. Wear yellow coloured clothes on Thursdays for luck. You are advised not to make any major investments before September. Be extra-cautious of your anger issues. All this will ensure you have a great and prosperous year ahead.