Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:06 WIB

Here are the Healthiest Zodiac Signs in 2018

Here are the Healthiest Zodiac Signs in 2018 (illustration: huffingtonpost)

JAKARTA, NNC - For some, the New Year celebration is a moment of change that is certainly expected to bring goodness and luck to people’s lives.

Therefore, many have begun finding out their fortunes in the upcoming New Year of 2018. Love and career are two things that people always want to find out.

Behind those two things, there is actually one thing that is most important and not to be missed. What is it? It is the prediction of your health in the coming year.

As reported from Business Insider, an astrologist named Susan Miller revealed that Gemini is predicted to have the fittest stamina in 2018.

"For health and fitness problems, Geminis dominate because they are surrounded by luck and positive expectations," Susan said.

Susan said that Geminis will look very healthy and charming because Jupiter's planet covers them. Another sign thatis predicted to have good health in 2018 is Sagittarius. The sign is ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is also under the rule of Jupiter.

Even so, this is just a prediction. It all depends on each individual in maintaining health. Adequate nutrition intake, adequate rest, and vitamin consumption can be a powerful ammunition to maintain your health in the coming year. Stay healthy, people!