Saturday, 19 October 2019 | 21:46 WIB

Zaskia Gothic Reveals Secrets to Her Health

Zaskia Gotik

JAKARTA, NNC - As a public figure Zaskia Gotic has hectic schedules. 

"This month is very busy, I only slept for two hours, but I’m still in high spirit," said Zaskia Gotik in Jakarta, Friday (12/15/2017).

So, how does Zaskia Gotik stays healthy and fit despite having a busy schedule?

It is actually very simple. For Zaskia Gothic the most important thing is to always be positive 

"Just be positive .. Do not worry, should always be happy. If we are happy, God willing, our bodies would be happy too, that's it," said Zaskia Gothic.

Beyond that, of course healthy food is also needed. Zaskia always tries to eat healthy food, not to mention drinking lots of water.

"Drink plenty of water. Don’t do crazy diets, just keep your food healthy, lots of vegetables, fruits, and water," added Zaskia Gothic.