Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 14:02 WIB

Your Zodiac Reading for Thursday

Your Zodiac Reading for Monday (astrologyzone)

JAKARTA, NNC -  Your zodiac reading for Thursday is very diverse. Aquarius, for example, are currently experiencing problems but instead are asked to meet every desire of everyone.

So what about your other zodiac predictions? Here's your zodiac forecast as reported by asiaone.


Nov 22 | Dec 21

"You do not want to come half way today - you do not want anyone else to do the same, you can have the necessary influence all day."


Jan 20 | Feb 18

"You may have problems in every way today - but you have to do everything you can to fulfill everyone's request for your time."


Dec 22 | Jan 19

"The idea that you have had faith for some time proves to be very valuable, do not let your disappointment affect your judgment."


Mar 21 | Apr 19

"You do not have to announce your every move today, you are best served by keeping some things very hidden from others."


Feb 19 | Mar 20

"You can start early today and move on.This is very important to your overall plan, and to encourage you."


Apr 20 | May 20

"You may be accused of breaking the rules, but you can prove that what you have done is entirely acceptable to those who command you."


May 21 | Jun. 21

"Your ability to see through a hoax is pretty good today.You may have to interact with different types of people altogether."


Sep 23 | Oct 23

"You may be quite surprised by the progress made by your rivals, because he's doing the thing you did recently - but with little effect."


22 Jun | 22 Jul

"You try to give others what he needs, but you ignore yourself in the process, try to achieve a healthy balance."


Jul 23 | Aug 22

"You have what it takes to do what is required of you, as long as you maintain your personal judgment from hindering your decision making process."


23 Aug | 22 Sep

"This is a good time for you to come up with a plan that requires you to break away from the crowd.Some isolation can be good for you."


Oct 24 | Nov 21st

"Congratulations, but do you give or receive an award? You can certainly prepare for success!"