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Indonesian Musician Aziz Harun Releases Fourth Single

Indonesian Musician Aziz Harun Releases Fourth Single (aziz)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Aziz Harun is not a new name in the music industry because he has been in the arts since he was 6 years old. Aziz Harun has also won several singing contests.

In 2014, Aziz Harun launched his first single entitled 'Smile,' and in 2015, he released his second single, 'Beautiful.'

"Both songs received warm welcome from music lovers ,and Aziz also won in the Best Collaboration Song category at the 2010 Planet Muzik (APM) Award for the song 'Beautiful'," Aziz said on Friday (6/10/2017).

After the success of the 2 singles, Aziz came back with a third single titled 'Mama' in August 2016. 'Mama' became special because this single was created specifically for mothers around the world.

Single 'Mama' has a special sentimental value for himself Aziz, because this single he made for his mother who has helped him since childhood in his work in the music industry.

Now, Aziz Harun appears with the fourth single 'Don’t'. This latest single is casual Pop genre and the music arrangements are catchy and jazzy nuanced. This single is very easy listening.

The song is created by Faizal Tahir, Ezra Kong, Mike Chan, and Romeo. "This song can also be obtained at Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, Yonder Music and iTunes.