Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:25 WIB

Arrested for Drug Posession, Iwa K Wants To Be A Motivator

Iwa K.(doc.bensradio)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Iwa K’s attorney Chris Sam Siwu reveales his client's activities during hisrehabilitation process at Hospital For Drug Addiction (RSKO), Cibubur.

"He wants to be a motivator for people. He knows he’s not a young kid anymore, he wants the rest of his life to be positive and to have positive influence to his fans," Chris told media at the Tangerang City District Court, Wednesday (9/6/2017).

Siwu added Iwa K has also been writing, not only songs but a book that he hopes would get published 

"Yes, my client has been spending his time writing in RSKO. He’s writing a book and have finished writing some songs, too," Siwu said.