Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 07:46 WIB

Mitsubishi Motors Appoint Osamu Masuko to Replace Carlos Ghosn

Mitsubishi Motors Appoint Osamu Masuko to Replace Carlos Ghosn (MMKSI)

TOKYO, NNC - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has announced the change of the company's board of directors, following a financial scandal that hit the board chairman and CEO of the company's alliance, Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested last week by prosecutors in Tokyo, Japan.

In an official statement received on Thursday (11/29/2018), Mitsubishi reported the change in name of the chairman of the board previously occupied by Carlos Ghosn. The company has appointed Osamu Masuko to replace Ghosn.

Mitsubishi explained the reasons for the change in the board of directors as the company's decision to depart with Carlos Ghosn as director of representation and chairman of the board at MMC.

Ghosn, who held a strategic position based on an alliance agreement between MMC and Nissan, has lost the trust of Nissan. This situation was considered difficult for Ghosn in carrying out his duties.

To fill the vacancy of the board chairman, the MMC Board of Directors decided to appoint Osamu Masuko as the temporary board chairman until the next MMC General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).