Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:07 WIB

Mitsubishi Motors Proposes Removal of Carlos Ghosn

MMC proposed the removal of Carlos Ghosn as Chairman of the Board and Director of Representatives of MMC.

TOKYO, NNC - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) spoke out about the arrest of Carlos Ghosn in Japan over a case of alleged forgery of Ghosn's salary report and his actions using company money for his personal interests.

"Responding to Ghosn's arrest in Tokyo, Japan, it will be proposed to the Board of Directors to immediately remove Ghosn from his position as Chairman of the Board and Director of Representatives of MMC," the MMC spokesman said through an official statement on Tuesday (11/20/2018).

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MCC) promised to immediately carry out an internal investigation into Ghosn's involvement in the case of financial statement forgery.

"MMC strongly apologizes for the concerns caused by recent events," the statement continued.

Carlos Ghosn was reportedly arrested by Tokyo authorities and was accused of having committed significant violations, one of which was the misuse of company assets for personal gain.

Through an official statement, Nissan had investigated Ghosn and revealed that it had discovered the violation was committed since a few years ago.

Nissan said it was also planning to investigate other official, Senior Executive Greg Kelly, who was allegedly involved in the violation.

Carlos Ghosn is a businessman born in Brazil in 1964. Ghosn began his career in the automotive world by working in Michelin, a French tire manufacturer.

In 1996, Ghosn began taking care of Renault. Renault then bought Nissan shares in 1999. The Nissan Renault alliance then bought Mitsubishi shares in 2016.