Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:36 WIB

Federer Shrugs Off Non-Seeded Status in Australian Open

Roger Federer.(Times USA)

MELBOURNE, NETRALNEWS.COM – Flamboyant tennis player Roger Federer will participate in prestigious 2017 Australian Open. However, Federer will not join the tournament as a top seeded player.

The Swiss tennis player is seeded at 17th position in the annual tournament in Australia. Nonetheless, Federer clarified that he had no problems with not being a top seeded player. He said he only wanted to focus on competing in the Australian Open.

Federer has the potential to meet tough opponents in the initial round of Australian Open due to the tennis player’s 17th seed rank. 

He was absent in the last six month of 2016 due to injury, and had to skip several important tournaments. Thus, Federer’s ranking also dropped. Federer is now ranked at 17th position in ATP, his lowest ranking since 2001.

“I hope [that not being a top seeded player] is not a problem for me, since I play very well. It does not matter who I will face in competition,” Federer said to CNN.

“It might even be better to face tougher tennis players in the initial rounds, since I will probably have more energy remaining. This is an open question…how much energy left will I have during a best-of-five match or after several tough matches in a row?” he asked.

“I expect other tennis players will join the drawing and think, ‘Oh, I hope the 17th seed will not join my pot,’ rather than me thinking that I expect not to join their pot,” Federer said.

The 35-year old tennis player won the Australian Open four times. The last time Federer won the Australian Open competition was in 2010.

Meanwhile, the Australian Open will start on January 16 in Melbourne. Top ranked players will join and compete in the Australian Open—the only Grand Slam tournament in Asia Pacific. (*)