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Dear Moms, Don’t Smoke When You’re Pregnant

Dear Moms, Don't Smoke When You're Pregnant (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- A recent study published in the BMJ Open medical journal revealed the adverse effects of smoking during pregnancy.

In the study, researchers from the University of Glasgow found detailed evidence of the relationship between mothers who smoke during pregnancy and health problems faced by the child after birth, such as having meningitis or experiencing sudden death.

They found the findings after studying births in Scotland from 1997-2009 and observed the health records of babies born until 2012.

"Our research provides further evidence of the harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy," said David Tappin, Professor of Clinical Trials for Children at the University of Glasgow, as quoted by the Indian Express report on Saturday (03/23/2019).

The results of the study include findings that, around 7 percent of deaths in the first month after birth and 22 percent of deaths in the first year, are related to the habit of smoking during pregnancy.

The researchers also found that 28 percent of babies were born small and 9 percent were born before 37 weeks.

Then, the results of analysis in children under 5 years old, found 12 percent of them were hospitalized due to bacterial meningitis, 10 percent had bronchiolitis, 7 percent had asthma and 7 percent of those under the age of one year suffered acute respiratory problems.

Children under 5 years of age whose mothers smoke are 49 percent at risk of bacterial meningitis, although cases are rare.

The study also found the risk of fetuses from mothers of smokers experiencing neonatal death in the first month after birth, about one third higher than the fetuses of non-smokers.

Death in infants one month and one year old, and babies born small, the possibility is two times higher in mothers who smoke.

The researchers concluded that more than 20 percent of postnatal deaths, many of which are defined as "unexpected sudden death in infancy", may be related to smoking habits during pregnancy, according to Antara.